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AutoCrib® Vending Systems

AutoCrib® industrial vending machines provide point-of-use access to industrial supplies. Workers simply scan an ID or fingerprint to issue the inventory items needed. The industrial vending machine automatically tracks all transactions and costing data like department, job, machine, cost center, customer number, and other custom fields. Providing secure 24-7 access with employee accountability for your inventory.

When you automate inventory management with an industrial vending machine you can replicate best practices across the entire company. This is the most comprehensive way to implement lean inventory management efficiently and effectively. With a standardized process and relevant inventory information you can: Better bid customer jobs, understand your real-world workflow, trace-back faulty lot controlled items for re-calls, and forecast inventory levels based on actual demand .


The AutoLocker FX® is a fully automated locker system with a wide-range of sizes and custom configurations. You can attach an AutoLocker FX® to your RoboCrib® and dispense larger items like oversized spares, tool boxes, eTools, calibration gauges, power tools, bandsaw blades, and laptops. Options for built-in power outlets and LAN connections are available.

RoboCrib® VX500
Stocks up to 628 items
Requires less than 10 square feet of floor space

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RoboCrib® VX1000
Stocks up to 1048 items
Requires less than 10 square feet of floor space

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RoboCrib® LX2000
Stocks up to 2574 items
Requires less than 27 square feet of floor space

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RoboCrib® VX500


RoboCrib® VX1000


RoboCrib® LX2000

RoboCrib® TX750

The RoboCrib® TX750 is the first industrial machine that was specifically designed to dispense square or rectangular boxes or packages. This practically eliminates the need for repackaging items to fit in helix coil machines or carousels that use pie shaped bins. The dual-tambour approach coupled with an industrial machine that utilizes square bins allows for an incredible amount of flexibility in bin sizes from 2” (50mm) height to 60” (1524mm) height.

Stocks up to 987 items
Requires less than 10 square feet of floor space

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RoboCrib® RDS

The AutoCrib® RDS (Remote Dispensing Station) industrial vending machine is the most advanced helix-coil machine on the market. This industrial vending system is purpose-built for high-demand industrial environments with up to 16.7% more product capacity than other machines on the market. The inventory management capabilities and software reporting are superior to any other advanced helix-coil machine available. Designed to increase accountability, improve productivity, and reduce consumption, they system replaces spreadsheets and ERP systems that don’t accurately reflect what you have in inventory. Industrial vending machines document inventory transactions automatically, provide secure inventory control at the point-of-use, and streamline purchasing with automated reordering.

AutoLocker FX

The AutoLocker FX is the first and only locker system on the market designed to be completely modular in every way. This platform lets you build a custom configured locker system for the unique needs of your company.

The rack mounted approach allows you to configure exactly what you need and purchase only what you need. No need to purchase excess lockers and use up valuable floor space. You decide the frame size, controller box, locker size, power (Optional), and network switch (Optional). Locker modules are available in 12 different sizes for you to choose from. Locker modules come in 6” high increments with a standard 24” depth and a wide variety of widths available that can be mixed and matched to provide a customized solution.


  • Click Locker image on right to see Available sizes
  • Stand-Alone or Add-On (RoboCrib, Tambour TX750, RDS)
  • Up to 126 lockers per controller
  • Large see-through windows provide maximum visibility
  • LED lighting clearly illuminates the product inside
  • Informative status lights on each locker door or drawer
  • Motor driven latches reduce jamming and maintenance issues
  • Easily reconfigured by changing door sizes and dividers
  • Special locker drawers available for laptops, tablets and eTools
  • Ability to issue only items that are fully charged or with the most remaining battery life first

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AutoCab® FX

The AutoCab system is an innovative, medium-security vending machine format designed for high-density inventory management. It offers a convenient and efficient way to manage various items like batteries, flashlights, safety supplies, cutting tools, and fasteners at the push of a button. This point-of-use industrial vending system enhances accountability among employees while dispensing tools and supplies. Its high-density design and wide versatility ensure better control over inventory, reducing walk-time and wait periods, thereby boosting productivity.

Featuring a clear, see-through design, the AutoCab allows easy visibility of its contents, promoting ease in locating items. Equipped with a touchscreen and keyboard, it simplifies the search process for different supplies. One of its notable advantages is the elimination of the need to repackage items, saving on costs and effort.

The AutoCab boasts a 6-zone inventory management system with a compact footprint, accommodating a diverse range of items in its re-configurable shelves or optional sliding doors. It effectively handles both expendable and durable items, such as safety supplies, batteries, and tools. Its simple, medium-security design, complemented by transparent windows, facilitates easy access and identification of over 200 different items.

Furthermore, the AutoCab's automated inventory management not only improves revenue by reducing consumption and preventing stock shortages but also enhances inventory forecast accuracy. The system's software can autonomously manage purchase orders, alleviating the labor-intensive aspects of inventory management and allowing employees to focus on value-added production and customer service. The overall design and functionality of AutoCab make it an effective solution for managing industrial supplies and tools.

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With this passive RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) system, your employees walk into a secure caged area, crib or store room to obtain tools, MRO items, safety products, or any indirect material used to keep your facility going. The system provides 100% accountability for the issue & return of these items without the assistance on an attendant.

RFID technology now makes this possible. Your employees don't have to scan, dispense or concern themselves with any aspect of retrieving items other than carrying them in or out through the port.

As employees enter the doorway, their badge is read from wherever they are carrying it on their person using the RFID antennae. Their name sounds off audibly and the door is unlocked, given they have permission to enter the crib.

Now they enter to retrieve their items, which have passive RFID tags affixed to them. The employee gathers all the desired items and they press the exit button to unlock the door and walk back through the IntelliPort which records the transaction for each item as they walk away. All transactions are recorded real-time in the AutoCrib software using RFID technology.


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Tablet Toolroom

The Tablet ToolRoom, part of AutoCrib's innovative tool inventory management solutions, is designed to function seamlessly both online and offline. It offers a robust solution for environments where internet connectivity may be intermittent. When offline, the Tablet ToolRoom caches all work and data, automatically syncing it once the internet connection is restored, allowing crib attendants to work without disruption.

Engineered for durability and comfort, the Tablet ToolRoom is military-rated for shock and vibration protection (STD-810G) and electromagnetic interference and compatibility tolerance (STD-461F), ensuring reliable operation in tough toolroom, store, and warehouse environments. It features a user-friendly design, including an ambidextrous hand strap for a secure grip and a padded shoulder strap for comfortable all-day use.

As a fully mobile and automated tool inventory management system, Tablet ToolRoom revolutionizes traditional toolroom operations. It eliminates the need for a fixed computer station, transforming old toolrooms into modern, automated virtual dispensing systems. With its integrated 1D/2D scanner, users can effortlessly issue and return items on the move by quickly scanning bins. Its hot-swappable battery technology ensures continuous operation without workflow interruptions.

In terms of performance, the Tablet ToolRoom is equipped with an Intel i5 Quad-Core processor and 8GB of RAM, offering the capabilities of a full-sized PC station. This power enables tool crib and store attendants to work efficiently and effectively, leveraging the full potential of the RoboCrib system and enhancing overall productivity in asset management.

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